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9/23/09 and 9/24/09:

Energy is the ability to do work.

There are seven different forms of energy:
1. Light (radiant)
2. Heat (thermal)
3. Sound
4. Chemical
5. Electrical
6. Mechanical
7. Magnetic

What is energy?

Ideas generated by the Mali homeroom:

Some forms of energy are reusable
Is fuel that makes things go
Is a force
food is energy
all motorized or living things have energy
it's magic, in that it is fascinating what energy can do
any object can possess energy
energy makes people active
makes electricity go around
helps with transportation
is a source that can help us live
is a substance that can change into any form
energy can be anything/energy is everywhere
is power, it is motion, some energy is natural
is always moving
wind, potential, kinetic, biomass, nuclear, solar, hydrolic, biothermal are some examples
cannot be destroyed
can go into and pass through anything
is essential
without kinetic energy the world would be indestructible

Ideas generated by the Fitz homeroom:

Energy is the mass of the speed of light squared
Energy is a force created to make movement-even within humans (ex. running)
Stored forces
Is something that powers machines
A type of force
Power used for everything
Necessary for everything
Is needed everywhere
Comes from just about everything
A hard-to-make resource that doesn't last forever
Has different forms
Is what is needed to move an object
Is electricity
Is pressure
Something that pushes force together, it has power, strength, electricity, motion, light
Power source
When force is applied, energy is used
Electricity with lights and kitchen appliances