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Math is one of the more challenging subjects for me. In math we use Everyday Math Journals (Chicago Math) to go along with these math journals we have a Study Link Book and a Reference Book. Math is challenging to me and sometimes I don't get anything that we are doing so I ether ask a teacher, parent or friend to help me with my struggle. I try to stay organized with all my math things so I'm prepared to talk about what I need help with so now I keep a folder.

Things we do in math class:

*Mixed Quizzes: We have a quiz every Monday called Mixed Quiz. A Mixed Quiz is a worksheet that has different math basics. Sometimes we do Mixed Qiuzzes in a group of three to four or by ourselves (at home or at school).

Here is a digital mixed quiz:


Fact test are test that were disigned to help you practice your time tables.
Here is a link to all the fact tests(do 6th grade only)

fact test


IXL is a website that helps you do basic math all the way up to the most challenging math. IXL is very very helpful to me and the explanations tell me how to do the problem and why it's wrong and that's very helpful also.

This is a practice website:


Math Box/Study Link(homework):

Math boxes is a page that has boxes with different skills in each box. We usually have math boxes as homework. Study Links is a link to the things your learning at the time it's also a worksheet and we have study links for homework to.

Test :

I recently had a test and I did a really good job on it I got an A+ and my score was the second highest score in the class.