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This year in science I think I learned more than any other year, especially in the solar system. I am grateful for this because usually I am not challenged enough and get bored. Even now I wish science would be harder so I can learn more about it. If there was one major change I could do is have one other subject/curricular shorter and make science longer because it is such a broad subject made of smaller subjects like Phisics, biology, astronomy, etc. I really hope this will be under concideration and might happen.

Quarter 1
In the first quarter we studied towers and structure, some of our projects included making paper towel roll towers and filling them with different materials to see which provided the most strengh.
Quarter 2
In the second quarter we studied energy and the seven forms of it:Solar,thermal,radiant,magnetic,electric,chemical,and sound.Energy is the ability to do work, work meaning the moving somthing over a distance. We also learned the three rules of energy: Energy can't be destroyed. Energy can be converted.It can't be created.
Then we studied the solar system, we learned about eclypses and planets. We learned why solar ecypses are so rare and why life is impossible on other planets.
Quarter 3
We worked on Chemestry, more specificly mixtures and solutions.
Quarter 4
we are beginning ourt natoinal park project.