My story is not quite finished yet

Alex U
Fiction/growing up story

The tunnel at first you think subway tunnels are just dirty transportation systems, but now since hydrogen fuel cells power just about everything, electricity is almost obsolete. Electricity became a waste of money so people used hydro-busses instead of subways. The tunnels were closed off with a thick layer of concrete leaving open terminals, except one, the open tunnel furthest south in Manhattan. The one I was heading to.Me and my friend Michael, are the only ones who got in the tunnel, the only entrance is an old locked maintenance door, which somehow he found the key to.

I came in the building and neared to the door, Michael was there waiting for me. “Hey Alex” he said. I hesitated and said “do you really want to go down the tunnel, ‘cause it seems pretty dangerous”. “Yeah, we really have to be on our guard” he said sarcastically. He flicked on a hydro-flashlight “Ready!” he said. “Sure” I said, and he opened the door.

The terminal was not like others, everything was rusting away, cockroaches scaled the walls like mountain climbers, and an unpleasant humidity hung in the air making the scene seem even creepier. “Well lets getta move on” he said, starting down the tunnel; and into our doom. After a while I started getting worried, just as I was about to send us back, he stopped. He turned around and said with a quivering voice “How could we have walked this far, the other tunnels are sea-. “He fell to the ground, and before I could think I was too.

An unexpected companion I awakened to be tied to a pipe and beside me was Michael; also tied, but not awake yet. I looked, up a fire separated me from some sort of humanoid reptilian creature with navy blue scales. His legs were thick without toes, He had two sets of arms, the top pair were like humans, only scaly. The bottom set had spade like hands, most likely for digging. His head had two sets, of eyes one pair was large and all pupil, the other had white outsides but didn’t have a pupil, just a golden iris. He was dressed in raggedy clothes and had a bow lying beside him. He looked at me and said in a raspy, low, voice “I see you are awake, here eat this it will reduce the poison” he said untying me and handing me a piece of strange meat. Normally I would scream and run at this point, but whatever knocked me out still had an effect on me, so I took and ate it. Michael woke up and he, and he was also untied and fed, after that the creature said “Although you seem useless you still can be of help”. “what are you talking about” said Michael. “I have been banished from my kind for speaking against the Awakening”. “what is the Awakening” I said. “It is the ritual to reanimate the drakes, and once they are alive they will destroy your species and mine, but the problem is I am the only one that knows this. My kind believe the Drakes will grant them limitless power, even though they will do quite the opposite” he said. “so if we don’t help we are doomed to extinction “ I said. “yes” he replied.”O.K. I know we need to help, but what exactly do we need to do” said Michael.”That I do not know, but what I do know is that the drakes will not be awakened for twelve days, and what can petrify the drakes might lie in the Tomb of Asran” he said. “wait who is Asran and what do you mean petrify them”. “ I will tell you on the way to the tomb, of and you might need these, who knows what’s crawling around these tunnels” he said handing us each a sword I hadn’t previously seen behind him.
Journey to the tomb as we traveled through the tunnels he began to tell us about Asran. “ he was an ancestor of mine who created the drakes billions of years ago to assert his power, wiping out every single dinosaur on the planet, one day he was killed by someone named Varen, who also somehow petrified the drakes” he said.