In LA I learned how to make sentances more detailed through snapshots thought shots and explode a moments. I am more independant and do assignments earlier. I also take more pride in my work and do work more efficeintly. Looking back on the year, I can see I am doing much better. I still can improve on some things, but I think I am doing very well now. I don't like essays, but I love narratives because they are so much more fun and exiting. I had a lot of fun on the courage story and leting my creativity fly.

Quarter 1
In the first quarter we learned about thought shots, snap shots, and explode- a-moments. A thought shot is relating a persons thought to somthing, a snap shot is relating somthing that is happening or an object to somthing else, and explode-a-moments are a combonation of both. We also learned about grabbers, which are introdutions to a story to draw a readers attention.

Quarter 3
We are working on our fiction stories and improving our grammar.
Alex U
Everywhere animals are poached, over hunted, and don’t have habitats. People think that animals will never run out but if we continue they will. This is a huge problem and they can’t do anything about it. Some people are helping, but not enough. Many species are nearing down to the hundreds and still counting down.

The most dangerous thing for animals is habitat destruction. Territorial animals are pushed together and become aggressive and animals without shelter are unprotected. The balance of herbivores and carnivores is not equal, so herbivores’ food is scarce while carnivores are overwhelmed with food. Also they tend to wander into cities were they put danger upon themselves and humans. When they wander into cities they look for food in stores and dumpsters. As soon as they enter a store people panic and run, this startles the animal and it can become aggressive.

For fish and marine animals things like oil spills, lost nets, and other waste kill many animals. The mammals and water birds get the worst in oil spills because they are slowly drowned and can’t swim. Dolphins are the main victim from nets because they swim after the fish being caught and get caught too. The worst part of it is that the fishermen sometimes don’t realize it until it’s too late.

Over hunting is a big problem and so is poaching. Poaching is when people illegally kill or sell protected animals for their pelts, tusks, etc. A poached animal is taken of their valuable source and everything else is left behind. Although Over hunting kills more animals poaching kills animals that already are thinning out. There are less than 500 white tigers left because they were killed for their beautiful fur. Over hunting targets fish, fish are taken in thousands and are running out now. Things like anchovies and tuna stay extremely close together and are easy to catch. Many other animals suffer from this too.

Wild animals aren’t the only victims; domestic animals that are mistreated or abandoned usually die. Owners aren’t always the blame though sometimes they own an animal but get laid off and can’t afford to care for it. Unfortunately, some owners beat their pet and instead of sending them to the animal shelter they abandon them.

People suffer from this too, because we lose food from the animals, and get less oxygen from trees. If we continue to do these things, then we will run out of necessary recourses to survive. The more people hurt animals, the more animals come into towns. Animals die from so many things and have nowhere to turn but urban areas. They can be saved though, and I will list some websites below.